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Complete Restoration:
Each of our complete restorations have been stripped to bare metal by bead-blasting, sealed in primer,  then hand finished to compliment Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau period interiors. All wiring and sockets have been replaced with new quality parts for your safety. The fixtures come ready to hang with new mounting hardware.

When  the original finish can be saved,  we refurbish the fixture or fan.  We replace all wiring and sockets with new quality parts while retaining the original patina. New mounting hardware is included on light fixtures.

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MODEL 29645
1921 Emerson
Model 29645


This Fan is refurbished.

  • Oscillating 3 Speed (runs correctly on all speeds).
  • All new paint.
  • 9" Brass Blades and brass hardware have been highly polished on a buffing wheel.
  • Motor windings have been resealed and received NOS style (new old stock)  cloth covered wiring that has been solder connected.
  • New line cord is NOS style cloth covered wiring and has a new early style reproduction plug.
  • The fan stands 14 1/2" tall, the
cage* is 10" wide.
  • Base dimension is 6" across, and has new felt on the bottom to protect your furniture.
  • All of the machine screws have been replaced with brass or have been polished.
  • Smaller size makes it convenient to move from room to room.
  • Perfect for a small room, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Weighs approximately 13 pounds.
  • Ready for another 90 years of service!

While this fan has been fully checked out, there is no implied warranty.

* This Fan has a open style cage and caution should be used when operating. Fan should be placed where children or small animals cannot reach it.

$ 600.00

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Emerson made many of these fans in their 12" and 16" models, but the 10" models such as this one were not produced in abundance and have become increasingly harder to find. Herbert L. Parker became the president of Emerson Electric and Manufacturing Company in 1892. He patented his new "Scalloped Parker Blade" on Set. 12, 1899. There is a stamped insignia on one of the blades to this effect. This 3 speed oscillating fan has a single bearing motor, which became a hallmark of Emerson fans. Emerson guaranteed that after lubricating your fan, excess oil would never run out of the bearing, onto the spinning blades and spraying the room with oil. Before then, all fans of this period would commonly spray oil after being lubricated, hence damaging furnishings and clothing. This was a revolutionary claim which brought about many devoted customers of the pre-air conditioning era.
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