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6 Bulb Dining Room Chandelier

  • This fixture measures 17" across     and is made of cast aluminum.
  • Shades are amber in color.
  • See listings for matching fixtures.
  • Bulbs are not included, takes standard light bulbs.
  • 3 Way Switch enables different illumination choices.

$ 1250.00


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Complete Restoration:
Each of our complete restorations have been stripped to bare metal by bead-blasting, sealed in primer,  then hand finished to compliment Victorian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau period interiors. All wiring and sockets have been replaced with new quality parts for your safety. The fixtures come ready to hang with new mounting hardware.

When  the original finish can be saved,  we refurbish the fixture or fan.  We replace all wiring and sockets with new quality parts while retaining the original patina. New mounting hardware is included on light fixtures.

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All lights on... Full View
All 6 lights on...close up view
Top Shades only lit
Bottom Shade only lit
All lights on, perspective from beneath...
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